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What Does It Mean To Earn Your Certification As A Software Developer?

Alongside the numerous software development skills you learn throughout our courses and program, our courses also prepare you to sit for the Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals exam and the Oracle Certified Foundations Associate exam.


The Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals certifications ensures individuals:

  • Understand cloud computing concepts and core Azure services
  • Describe core solutions and understand management tools on Azure
  • Understand and describe general security and network security features
  • Understand the identity privacy, compliance and governance features
  • Describe and understand service level agreements and Azure cost management

The Oracle Certified Foundations Associate certification ensures individuals:

  • Have a basic understanding of Java programming language
  • Know how to write and execute a java program
  • Have the mathematical, logical and analytical problem solving skills necessary
  • Understand the Java Development kit (JDK) and the Java Runtime Environment (JRE)


Microsoft Azure was initially released in 2008 and is a cloud computing service operated by Microsoft. Microsoft is a world-renowned multinational technology corporation and has the third-highest global brand valuation.  

Oracle is a multinational computer technology computer technology corporation. They are headquartered in Austin, Texas. They offer educational programs in order to ensure that individuals and companies are up-to-date with their systems and technology.

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Software Developer

For professionals eager to excel in coding and creating fully-functioning web applications that power essential systems and applications in businesses around the globe, our Software Developer program provides the in-demand skills needed to turn those interests into a successful career in tech.


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